Experience ultimate gaming with Samsung One UI 4.1 Game Launcher

With the introduction of One UI 4.1 Samsung obtained wonderful updates to its Game Launcher, and by it, you can have the ultimate gaming experience. It is one point destination for all your downloaded games.

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It means the One UI 4.1-based Game Launcher brings all your games downloaded from a Play Store into one place for easy access. You can now set the device to game mode to play games at ease with all the comfort that you need.

With the Game Launcher, you can have all your gaming notifications, Gaming timelines synchronized in a place, as well as you can enjoy instant games, which are made available online, you have no need to download them. Games are visible in many categories, such as top 20 games of the world, favorite games, and more.

Samsung has provided here a collection of settings, which allows you to change them according to various modes available. Such as Performance, Standard, and a Battery Saver mode.

How to Access Game Launcher App?

To launch the Game Launcher app and select a game you have to follow certain steps:

  • First, you need to see the Game Launcher App on your App Screen, if it is not visible there,
  • Launch the Settings app
  • Tap on Advanced features
  • Then, tap on Game Launcher, and switch to activate.
  • Games that you have downloaded from the Play Store and Galaxy Store will be automatically shown on the Game Launcher screen.

If you are unable to see your games, then you have to tap on My games, from there you need to jump on Add games.


How to remove a game from Game Launcher?

To remove the game, you need to follow these certain steps:

  • Tap on My games
  • Tap and hold the game
  • Then, click on Remove.

How to change the performance mode?

You are now fully eligible to change the game performance mode.

  • Launch the Game Launcher
  • Go to settings, choose Game Booster
  • Here you will see many game booster settings, which will enable you to enhance your gaming experience.