Samsung Internet app performance degraded after the latest update, users report

Samsung Internet is a web browsing application that protects your personal information through internet video assistant, dark mode, menu customization, translators, secret mode, and other extensions. Due to the durability and reliable performance of the application, the company releases updates on a regular basis.

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But with major changes and update changelogs, our smartphone or particular application may not be able to handle it immediately, which will result in some bugs and problems being added to the application with the latest update. Something similar happened in the Samsung Internet app.

Samsung Internet app users report that the application bit sluggish over the last few days, while access to the BBC sand empire firm sited making more than 30 sec access.

The problem wasn’t there before, but after the latest update, Samsung Internet lags on BBC sites, it wasn’t a problem with content elsewhere. After clearing cache, and data, reinstalling apps, wiping the cache partition, and repairing apps from the recovery menu, it felt a bit better but the problems are not completely resolved.

Meanwhile, some users suggested their solutions to resolve the issue, mentioned below:

  • Go to Internet Settings
  • Browsing privacy dashboard
  • Set smart anti-tracking to ‘never’
  • The websites return to normal speed again

Maybe the new anti-tracking security stuff had rendered the Internet app unusable