samsung Galaxy S20 LTE

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is American’s top choice in 2022, survey reveals

Samsung and Apple are the two main streaming manufacturers in the USA that led their local smartphone market with a huge fan following. The maximum population there are preferred to choose either Apple or love to go with Samsung.

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Meanwhile, the latest report of the American Customer Satisfaction Index claimed that most of the huge population love to choose Samsung instead of Apple, additionally, the latest report claims that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra model is the most choicely them.

But there’s also sinister news for Samsung fans that, in 2021, Samsung was the first overall customer satisfaction, surpassing Apple’s 80 points, and Samsung’s 81 points. This year, Samsung dropped one point and Apple remained with 80 points.

samsung Galaxy S20 LTE


This tie between two hardcore competitors ‘Samsung and Apple’ in between the five companies Google, Motorola, and LG. As always, there are many senior smartphones in the ACSI report of the best smartphones in the US. GooglePixel4, released in 2019, took the 10 spots with four Galaxy S.

Surprisingly, the 2021 iPhone is not on the list, notably, The LG Aristo 3 has grabbed the second-best smartphone position in the US. This indicates most American consumers do not have the latest phones, indeed they like to use the cheapest phone.