Get quick refund on Google Play Store, here’s how!

Google Play Store is known for its application market in one platform, it is a pack of all movies, apps, and Games with paid and non-paid services. If you use Google Play Store, then obviously you must have bought some subscription plans too.

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Well, at the time of buying we are unaware of the performance of the particular application, after grabbing it users may not positive vibe with that. And you will be frustrated with your decision but don’t worry Google Play Store has a refund policy.

Requesting a refund on the Google Play Store isn’t that complicated, so here in this article your will get all the related processes for the refund mentioned below:

Refund through Mobile:

The Google Play Store refund policy is clear within 48 hours of purchase, you can immediately cancel and refund your Play Store subscription. This will remove the app and return the amount to the payment method used at the time of purchase.

Here is How to request for refund:

  • Go to the Play Store page of the item you purchased and click on the Refund button.
  • Tap on Request Refund
  • After confirming you will get an email verifying that your refund request has been processed and your funds will be refunded.

How to request a refund on the Desktop:

  • Open the Google Play Help topic
  • Tap on the request a refund button
  • Click on continue
  • Then  select yes and then continue
  • Select the purchase you want to refund and click Continue
  • On the Request Reason for Cancellation page, select the reason for your refund request and click Continue again.