The Wall 2022 lineup with Captivating quality changed the viewing experience

Samsung seems on the mission to deliver first-class picture quality, technical leadership, and seamless installation and The Wall 2022 TV models are an example of this, as it has really changed the viewing experience.

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Users always expect a premium experience from the wall series. The stunning visual technology delivers extreme black levels and superb color quality. Samsung is the No.1 leader in display solutions for the past three years. Let me tell you that now all of its models are available to order globally.

As the modular display delivers an engaging view with a higher resolution, large screen format facilitates a lot of viewing from different angles. You will be amazed to know that it provides the pixel pitch that is all time slimmer as if now.

Further, the Wall IWB can be installed in different positions and screen sizes, that accommodate 4K resolution for 110-inch and up to 8K for 220-inch to re-energize. It offers a 120 Hz refresh rate with HDR 10/10+ and LED HDR, this truly increases the resolution capabilities.

The experience of the homeowners has drastically improved, now the installation is a lot easier, just like a typical consumer TV. The Wall All-in-One provides an unmatched viewing experience, that makes the viewers feeling like as if they are fully immersed in the content.

Samsung digital signage has the power to transform the space at your home or large entertainment space. The Wall series is an incredible legacy that elevates your real-life viewing experience.

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