samsung voice recorder

Samsung One UI 4.1 Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder enables you to record, play, and share the audio where ever you want. A smartphone user can utilize the audio clip for various multimedia purposes. The person can merge the audio together with the video to create a creative clipping. This inbuilt Samsung Voice Recorder is very useful for news reporters and tech enthusiasts.

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The voice recorder lets us record the audio in various modes. Such as Standard mode, Interview mode, and Speech-to-text mode. This is helpful for the present-day people who love to wander around the world on rough terrains, and this recorder facilitates them to record wonderful natural voices and so.

It is very amazing, without the need for extra accessories like a mic, or charging devices. The only thing you need is your smartphone and nothing else. Thanks to the application, there is no need to carry those bulky setups as used before.

samsung voice recorder

How to record the Voice or Audio?

  • First, launch the voice recorder application
  • Tap on the Circular icon shown at the bottom of your screen (connect with the microphone if you need to)
  • You can use the left icon with two verticle lines to stop the video
  • While recording you can enable Bookmarks when you find that portion of the clip is very important. (So that you can review it)
  • To finish the recording Tap on the square tile, located at the bottom right of your smartphone screen.

Three Modes of Voice Recorder

Standard Mode:

  • This mode is a normal recording mode, and simply records the audio with the single mic available for the user to perform a calling function or so. That is located at the top side edge of your smartphone.

Interview Mode:

  • The smartphone records the sound from the top and bottom of the device at a high volume while reducing the volume of sound from the sides. It uses all the top and bottom edge mic of your device. Help for talking or having a face-to-face communication or interview.

Speech-to-text Mode:

  • This feature of the application looks creative, and converts the recorded voice to text in real-time. This feature is most popular among media personalities, you might have seen some reporters, recording the interview session, by holding their smartphones near the mouth of celebrities or famous people.

While recording audio you need to take care of some important things. First is the voice memo system language, it only records the audio for the language that is in the language list. Do not worry Samsung has all the popular languages on the list that are spoken in most regions of the world.

After doing all the stuff, you can choose to play the specific recordings, from the list available in the My Files section of your smartphone memory storage, and You can play or can share them where you want. Additionally, if your calls are on the auto-call recording, you can find them in this voice recording list altogether.