Here’s how to reset the locked Samsung Galaxy phone

Sometimes your smartphone will be reset due to unidentifiable reasons such as fizzing or not responding, but what if your smartphone is locked somehow and you want to reset it immediately, then will you manage it on Your Own?

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If you are in such a situation then don’t panic or not need to go to any retail shop to restore it, you will do it in such an easy step on your own. Learn here how to reset your Samsung Galaxy Phone!

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you can easily reset your locked smartphone for restoring it to its original state. Here we come up with to make this daunting task easy.

The Android application called the PassFab will let you help factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Phone. Below you can check how to operate it.

  • Install the PassFab on your Windows PC.
  • Open PassFab, then press remove screen lock 
  • Connect your phone, tap to Remove Screen Lock, and Click start
  • Now the PassFab will warn you about the result loss data, press yes if you want to precessed
  • Wait a while, then Press Done once the process is done.

How to remove the lock screen without data loss:

  • Download the PassFab Android Unlocker
  • Open it, click on Remove Screen Lock
  • Connect your phone to the PC
  • Then choose Remove Screen Lock without data loss and hit start
  • When the device information selection panel appears, enter the correct name and model number of your mobile phone before the device name and device model. Then press Next.
  • It will download the data package, once done click Next 
  • You need to switch your Samsung Galaxy device to download mode. To do this, turn down the volume and press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. When the warning page appears on your phone, release all buttons and turn up the volume.
  • Once in download mode, press Start and wait for PassFab to delete the lock screen from your Samsung smartphone.