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Samsung Electronics announced first 512GB Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM

Samsung Electronics the world leader in advanced memory technology revealed the development of its first 512GB Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM. This could be seen as its first step toward the commercialization of high-capacity memory devices since it launched a CXL DRAM prototype with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) earlier in May 2021.

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The Global Sales and Marketing vice president says that “CXL DRAM will be the Critical turning point for future computing infrastructure advancing with AI and big data handling services, as we are aggressively expanding software-defined memories”.

Moreover, Samsung’s 512GB CXL DRAM will be the first memory device that will support PCIe 5.0 interface and will be equipped with an EDSFF (E3.S) form factor. This memory device is specifically suitable for data centers and enterprise servers.

Talking about the CXL so it’s a memory expandable solution and a key technology that enables the more innovative methods to manage the memory expansion, Which is very helpful in expanding the present-day server platforms.

With the Growth of Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, and big data there is a huge increment of data, which requires the conventional DDR design to limit and scale the memory, beyond the capacity of the terabyte range. So they felt a need of advance technology that is fulfilled by the latest technology such as CXL.

  • The newly developed CXL is four times faster than its predecessor.
  • Enables an extended server scaling to tens of terabytes, just with one-fifth latency.
  • It can be used for large server systems.
  • Facilitates the emerging IT infrastructure.

However, Samsung is planning to unveil an updated version of the open-source scalable memory development kit (SMDK). The toolkit will be a compact software package that will allow CXL to work effectively and fluently with the cloud-based big data memory system.