Samsung Electronics retained No. 1 spot on the list of Korea’s top 500 firms

Global tech giant Samsung Electronics retained the No. 1 spot on the list of Korea’s top 500 firms in sales. The result has come while evaluating the 39 different kinds of business that are included in the list.

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As per the report of Korea Times, Samsung Electronics has remained the biggest profit-making company last year. Accumulating a total of 280 trillion won or we can say 221 billion US dollars.

Samsung has retained the top spot not only in home-ground Korea but in the whole world. Recently some days before we have told you that Samsung Electronics is the world’s topmost profit-making company among the top 5 global companies. 

The company has achieved this despite the smartphone and other products have seen a sharp decline in sales due to covid restrictions and availability of products for the specific region. The report is prepared by CEO Score, after analyzing and evaluating the financial statements of all the top 500 companies.

Further, Hyundai Motor has retained the second spot with 117.6 trillion won. The steel mammoth POSCO holding came in third place with an overall sales figure of 76.3 trillion won. LG Electronics has settled with the fourth position followed by SK Hynix and more in the league.

Samsung is doing lots of innovation and is presently in search of a global search engine that can derive him a long way. It could be new foldable smartphones, OLEDs, QLEDs, or an advanced semiconductor chip.