How to setup full screen Caller Image/ID in Samsung One UI 4.1 phone

In the era of smartphones, phone call is one of the most important functionalities offered by mobile phone different vendors offer different types of interfaces for incoming calls. Talking about Samsung, there’s no ability in the stock Phone app for a full-screen caller image, while, we finally got that hidden toggle.

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With the help of the Samsung Phone app, you can force enable Contact Photo Call Background so it can display a contact phone as a call background (full-screen caller image). All you need to do is just download a Pro users app named Shortcut Maker app directly from the Google Play Store.

Once done, open the Shortcut Maker application on your Samsung smartphone and select the 2nd option entitled “Activities” on the homepage. Here, you will get a search feature, just type “labs” and it will show you the Call service where you need to tap the drop-down menu to expand settings.

Finally, press the “Try this shortcut” button to access the experimental and hidden features of the Samsung Phone app. Yep, everything is done now, just finish the overall procedure by toggling one of the hidden One UI Phone apps features called Contact Photo Call Background.

How to enable full screen Caller Image/ID in Samsung One UI 4.1 phone

  •  Open Shortcut Maker and tap the Activities button
  •  Simply search “labs” with the help of the search feature.
  •  Now, tap “Try this shortcut” which you can see in the center
  •  Finally, toggle the “Contact Photo Call Background” and it’s done!