Samsung recover deleted photos

Recover deleted photos on your smartphone

On Android, it is now very easy to recover deleted photos. Most smartphone makers bring a dedicated Gallery or Images app that’s more than enough to perform basic tasks like browsing photos, playing movies and videos, and a life-saving feature, namely a trash bin or folder where all your photos are temporarily stored. are stored from. are stored from. are stored from. are stored from. are saved when deleted.

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Check trash folder

To retrieve photographs from the trash folder in your gallery:

  1. Open the gallery application.
  2. You must now locate the trash folder or recently deleted images depending on the Android device you own.
  3. One UI devices have a “Recycle bin”
  4. Once you’ve located the trash folder, choose it.
  5. You can now find all of your deleted photos here. Select “recover” or a similar option after choosing the files you want to restore.
  6. The images, including those from the camera, screenshots, Twitter, etc., will be restored to the appropriate album.

Check Google Photos

Google Photos is the default gallery software on some smartphones that only run stock Android. Also, anyone trying to recover deleted photos can check the trash bin in Google Photos because you never know which gallery app has deleted the images.

Here’s how you can recover deleted photos from Google Photos:

  1. Open Google Photos.
  2. The bottom navigation bar should have a tab labeled “Library.”
  3. There are four possibilities up above. Choose “Bin”
  4. You can precisely restore your deleted photos from the cloud or local storage here.

Check cloud

Thankfully, there’s always a cloud backup in case images are accidentally wiped from local storage. In this example, Google Photos, which comes pre-installed on all phones, is the most popular cloud backup service for Android.

So go to Google Photos and take a look at the images; To be more precise you can find that the deleted shot is safely backed up to the cloud or Google Drive.

Tip: go to on a desktop and you’ll see every backup image linked to your Google ID.