Let’s explore Samsung One UI 4.1 Viewing options

Display is a very important part of every device whether its smartphone, monitor, tablet, or TV. It’s only a display that makes a device look beautiful and gives a clear look at the camera, pictures, movies, web pages, and other apps, thus, it’s very important to have a good display on your device.

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Nowadays, we are using or carrying a smartphone all-day, no matter where you are going. In many cases, we have to use our phones in extremely bright areas or low light areas, where we have to adjust the brightness according to the environment. A display is also the main component in saving a phone’s battery.

With One UI 4.1 Samsung offers several viewing options that will let you easily use the phone in direct sunlight or at night, as well as lets you conserve the battery for all-day usage.

Extra Dim mode

In a dark environment or when you are using your phone at night, you only need a screen that has a dim brightness. Samsung One UI 4.1 Extra Dim mode is specially created for those times when standard screen brightness can feel indiscriminately harsh.

This dim brightness consumes less battery as well as prevents your phone from overheating and also protect your eyes from getting effected.

How to enable:

  • Open the Settings of your phone.
  • Scroll down and enter Accessibility.
  • Tap Visibility enhancements.
  • Select Extra Dim.
  • Turn the toggle On.

You can also enable the Extra dim shortcut on Quick Settings

Here’s how:

  • Open the Quick panel.
  • Tap the Plus (+) icon.
  • Drag and drop Extra dim mode into your Quick Panel
  • Tap Done.

Vision Booster

Samsung understands that increasing white maximum brightness is not enough to improve visibility in bright conditions. Vision Booster is a unique feature that dynamically adjusts color tones to enhance scenes on the screen under direct sunlight.

The feature also works on mid-tones and shadows, expanding them in the proper proportion to ensure that pictures or videos are viewed correctly.

How to enable:

  • Head over to the Settings of your Phone.
  • Enter Display.
  • Enable Adaptive brightness.

High refresh rate

A high refresh rate means sharper text, a super smooth view of videos, games, or everything you watch on your phone’s screen. By default, the Galaxy phone’s refresh rate is set to 60Hz, but you can improve it to enable smoother motion on the display by changing it to a higher refresh rate of 120Hz (or 90Hz).

  • Head to Settings and enter the Display section to get started.
  • Tap Motion smoothness.
  • Choose the Adaptive option.
  • Finally, tap Apply.