How to boost the speed of your Samsung One UI 4.1 Galaxy smartphone

Nowadays we keep most of our data in our smartphones which causes the problem of slowing down, freezing, or crashing. It acts as a culprit for our smartphones, the bulky phone storage and outdated software play a major role in slowing down your phone.

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Today, we will talk about all things we can do in order to boost our Samsung One UI 4.1 smartphone speed. Because without a good running phone we feel so irritated as most of our work gets late.

Check some of the major issues listed below

Check your storage space on the device and delete unnecessary files

As you free up some storage space, you can make your phone perform better, just by removing unnecessary files and applications that need clearing, and you can do this with the help of device care.

Follow Steps –

  • Open Settings
  • Select Battery and device care

Check for unused applications on your Galaxy smartphone

Your Galaxy smartphone can work lethargically slowly when the applications are running in the background. I suggest you delete all the unwanted apps which you are not using on your smartphone or just disable them. Because this directly impacts your phone’s working performance, as less memory is available for the UI to operate. Use the same option.

Follow Steps –

  • Open Settings
  • Jump to Battery and device care
  • Click on the Storage option to check below, how much of your phone is free or occupied? (free up by deleting unnecessary files)
  • Then, Select for Memory option
  • Tap on ‘Apps not used recently’
  • At last, choose the apps, which you want to ‘Force Stop‘ (For continuous monitoring you can use a device care widget on the Home Screen)
  • After that open the Device Care, and Select ‘Optimize‘ (This deletes all the duplicate and junk or crashed files that are running in the background and closes the unwanted applications)
  • As soon as you perform the operation, you will see the optimized score which straight away jumps to 100%,
  • As the operation completes, you can see remarks, such as Good, Great, and Excellent.
  • Congratulation, you have successfully closed all the unused and working applications.

Check to See whether your Galaxy smartphone software is up to date

Updating your phone software to the latest version can help improve your phone’s performance as it increases compatibility and provides bug fixes as well as security patches ( fixes for bugs).

Follow Steps –

  • Check your version
  • Then jump to software updates via Settings

 Turn your Galaxy smartphone off and back on again

Restarting your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is a simple way to clean up any unused app running in the background and let you speed things up. You can do this by Automatically restarting your phone periodically with ‘Auto Restart.’ Let me remind you, there is a famous saying.” Start Fresh and make the most of it.” These are some of the measures that can help you to speed up your device, and increase the longevity of your phone.