Samsung to use LG batteries in its mid-range and premium smartphones

Currently, Samsung is giving very tough competition to LG and others in the smartphone market. The recent news seems to be so surprising that Samsung Electronics is going to source the battery and components from LG.

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According to new information, Samsung Electronics is going to source the batteries for mid-range and premium smartphones. Samsung is looking for more battery sources. This is not the first time when it is going to procure the phone batteries from LG.

Further, company usually sources the battery and other small phone components from outside the company. This is done to maintain the supply chain sources and secondly to reduce the production cost of a single smartphone or a product.

However, Samsung will use the batteries that are supplied from the Nanjing plant LG. They will provide the battery but the protection circuitry will be assembled in Samsung‘s smartphone plant only. Notably, Samsung is using the batteries from LG Energy Solutions since 2019, whether it is the best-selling Galaxy S series or a Galaxy Note series.

This is a very common practice now, so do not get worried or surprised if you are using a Samsung phone that is either made in Vietnam or India and has a phone battery sourced from LG or a camera module from Sony and others, they are going to work with their full capabilities undoubtedly.