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Here’s how you can disable Bixby key and change it to power menu

Bixby is a Samsung personal assistant that lets Galaxy users control their smartphones and select connected accessories. With the help of the Bixby, you can easily open apps, check the weather, play music, send text messages, turn down screen brightness, and much more.

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Therefore, Google Assistant is a big competitor of Bixby. Most smartphone users use Google Assistant on their phones. However, every company wants their customers to use the brand’s virtual assistant instead of Google Assistant and Samsung is no different.

However, Samsung smartphones open Bixby by default when you hold down the Side key, the key you’d expect to function as a power button. This is very stupid and is frustrating to use. But it’s easy to fix. Here’s how:

samsung twitter bixby

How to change Bixby to Power menu

  • Swipe down on your home screen to open your notification panel.
  • Swipe again to expand quick settings.
  • Tap the Power icon in the top right corner.
  • Tap Side key settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Toggle on the Power off menu under Press and hold.