expert raw

Samsung Expert RAW is an excellent photography app for every Galaxy users

Samsung Expert RAW application has recently made its way to Galaxy Z Fold 3 smartphone earlier it was the Galaxy S21 and S22-specialized app. It provides users with a DSLR-like experience. It shoots only in RAW format and enables Pro controls such as shutter speed and ISO control for the phone’s telephoto cameras.

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This amazing Expert RAW gives photographers a way to access an image’s uncompressed data directly from the camera sensor. They can take advantage of all that data to improve every aspect of the image in an editing app like Adobe Lightroom.

You might find the RAW image format to be hard to work with. But if you are using any Expert Raw camera compatible Samsung phone, it lets you effortlessly shoot in Linear DNG 16-bit RAW files with even greater clarity and a wider dynamic range than regular RAW files.

Here are the four reasons why you should use the Samsung Expert RAW app for shooting.

Stay laser focussed

  • Whether you’re shooting a spider nearly invisible to the human eye or a dangerous predator from afar, it’s important to take control of your camera lens. And this is the real beauty of Samsung Expert RAW.

Illuminate the dark

  • Capturing long-term images of the Bay Area’s misty beaches at night can be a daunting task. But that’s just what is achieved with the Expert Raw app on the Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • Adjust the camera ISO while using the app, so that the camera can record just the right amount of light for the effects you want to create. Expert RAW also lets you tweak the camera shutter speed, keeping it open long enough to register the dim pre-dawn light.

Make blue hour even bluer

  • The colors we see in real life aren’t always through the lens of a camera. This is where white balance comes in. White balance is when you calibrate ‘pure white’ in an image, so the rest of the colors on the spectrum pop accordingly.
  • By adjusting the color balance, you can make the oceans wetter, forests more green, and deserts more blistering.

Fine-tune your shots

  • The beauty of shooting in Expert Raw is that you have access to all the uncompressed data when you tap the shutter button. Easily send those Linear DNG RAW files to other Samsung Galaxy devices with Quick Share, then open them in a post-processing app like Adobe Lightroom
  • Using the Samsung Expert Raw Lightroom profile, play with highlights, balance, shadows, and other settings to make your vision really come to life.