Users demanding new charging animations with Samsung One UI 5, tired of being worn out

Samsung’s new normal One UI 4.1 is undoubtedly the major firmware update to redesign your smartphone, with lots of new features that enhance system security and optimised it for better performance. But with there were some important features that the company ignored or did not participate to do more for them just like the Charging animation.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 doesn’t add any new charging animation option, it sticks with old One UI 4.0 animations, users are getting bored with it and asking for newly redesigned animations.

Using the same thing constantly turns users bored quickly, well it’s human nature, but Samsung should focus on the user’s demand and customer satisfaction. Also, they are expecting that Samsung will surely resolve their quire and will definitely bring some awesome new redesigned animation for the charging display.

Additionally, the charging animation is so reticularly short time, after plunge-in the animation is displayed for less than a  second, barely visible. Expectedly the animation should opt for at least 3-4 seconds for users to actually see if the phone is positioned correctly or not.

In the meantime Samsung is working on the upcoming One UI 5, so it’s obvious to demand a new redesign and lacking features to bear with it, we are hoping that company will bring the new animation for charging soon with One UI 5.