Samsung SDI testing multiple version of batteries for Tesla

Samsung SDI currently testing multiple versions of 4680 cylindrical batteries, which it has started developing for Tesla it includes two versions of the batteries. Among these one follows the original specification announced by Tesla, which is straight away competing with the LG Energy Solutions and Panasonic.

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As per the report, Samsung SDI’s strategy is to retain the 46mm diameter of the battery. But will increase the length of those cylindrical batteries to meet the requirement and specifications provided by Tesla. Further, it is going to offer the same specified batteries to BMW, Volvo, and Stellaris.

This will be combined with the module together and will reduce the packaging technology. The method facilitates to increase in the combined energy density. On the other side, it could cost more, if sold for the individual product.

Moreover, Samsung SDI might have planned everything and observed each and every manufacturing aspect keenly and properly. Because the longer length of the batteries can leak the electrolyte very easily when injected. There is one more important thing the area between the Can and the Cap must be cleaned.

Yesterday, we have heard the news that Samsung SDI has not proposed any of its future plan for investment plans in battery manufacturing. But let me tell you at present times Samsung SDI is very busy making and experimenting with prismatic batteries.