Samsung Electronics making efforts to reduce carbon emissions

Samsung Electronics is trying to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of recycled materials in the product war. To address the ongoing global climate crisis and is taking action across all of its business units. They are trying to build better products for a more sustainable future and better tomorrow.

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June 5 of every year is World Environment Day, it is a global day to create sustainable awareness that was solely started by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) with a unique theme each year.

Marking this year as the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day with the theme, “Only One Earth.” In response to the growing climate crisis faced by the entire world. Samsung Electronics consider sustainability as the key business priority.

Moreover, some recent awards grabbed by Samsung show us its dedication to reducing its carbon footprints. The Carbon Trust is the leading climate consultancy that has awarded Samsung TVs with The Carbon Reduction Certificate. Along with this, it has also bagged two Energy Star Certificates for reducing its energy consumption.

Samsung says from now onwards the use of recycled plastics will expand to all the visual display products, including all the back covers of the new TV models in 2022. The company has already initiated this and has recycled 15% of its waste till now.

Samsung is presently making effort to reduce plastic packaging and using renewable EPS (Expanded Poly-Styrene) Cushions in the product packaging. Also pushing its efforts to use the OBP (Ocean Bound Plastic) in the high-resolution Samsung monitors such as S8.