Samsung starts mass production of eighth generation vertical V-NAND

Samsung Electronics announced that it has begun mass production of the industry’s highest-density 8th-generation vertical NAND (V-NAND) 1 TB TLC (Triple Level Cell) unit. The new V-NAND also has the highest storage capacity of 1Tb in history, which is expected to provide more storage space for the world’s new generation of enterprise server systems.

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Samsung achieves the industry’s highest bit density by significantly increasing bit output per wafer; the eighth-generation V-NAND uses the latest NAND flash standard Toggle DDR 5.0 interface for maximum input/output speeds of up to 2.4Gb per second, 1.2 times higher than the previous generation. It is expected to meet the performance requirements of PCIe 4.0 and next-generation PCIe 5.0.

Moreover, the eighth-generation V-NAND is expected to lay the foundation for memory configurations that will help expand the storage capacity of next-generation enterprise servers and further advance into the automotive market, where reliability is particularly critical.

SungHoi Hur, executive vice president of flash memory products and technology at Samsung, said: “As the market demand for higher density and larger capacity memory heats up, V-NAND is driven to develop towards higher layers.

Samsung uses advanced 3D shrink technology to Compress the surface area and height, and avoid common unit interference in the shrinking process. The eighth-generation V-NAND helps to meet the rapidly growing market demand and is the first to launch more differentiated products and solutions for the innovative development of future memory. Lay a solid foundation.”