samsung galaxy chromebook 360

Samsung Chromebooks may soon get new sound effects related to charging and low battery

Google is preparing to make a sound effect when the Chromebook is plugged in. On most Android devices like Samsung, when you plug your phone/tablet into or place it on the wireless charging pad, you’ll hear a short beep to let you know it’s charging.

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Now, Google has started adding some sounds for your Chromebook’s power/battery level. The first three sound effects are nearly identical, consisting mostly of warm synths and sparkling rattles.

samsung galaxy chromebook 360Depending on your battery level, a slightly different version will run. If your battery is between 16% and 80%, it will start with an extra “swoop” sound, and plugging in when the battery is at 15% or less will add a high-pitched swoop.

The final addition to the Chromebook sound effect is the low battery (<15%) warning, and those three notes should sound familiar to anyone who’s ever had an Android phone critically low.