[Samsung Smart Screen Experience] Manage your home like never before on 2022

Earlier at CES 2022, Samsung represented these smart and intelligent screens. This latest lineup consists of a next-level visual display and product design. Samsung Neo QLED 8K and Smart Monitor M8 are one of the finest examples.

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The new Smart screens are packed with new features, functionalities, and innovative interfaces making the user experience smarter than before. The Smart screen put the users at the heart of the smart home ecosystem. The best-in-class features provide more cohesive control over their handheld device and facilitate the user with cohesive control over it, in their day-to-day life.

The wireless connections and cloud-to-cloud connectivity are available for us to control our homes in some different ways and have resulted in diversifying the user experience. Previously we need a connectivity bridge among devices to connect them together, but the Smart Hub integration to the present devices has mitigated the inconvenience.

The SmartThings Hub is now directly integrated into your TVs and Smart Monitors, making it easily possible to connect, monitor, and control all the connected devices in your home. This is the first step toward advancement, which eliminates the need for a separate controlling device.

SmartThings have recently added the interoperability standard named ‘Matter’, which has been developed by Apple, Google, Amazon, and others that allow the user to control Matter-enabled devices, and work in synchronization with a symphony.

We are very thankful to the full-integrated SmartThings Hub, which fluidly provides a streamlined platform. The IoT Hub has an intuitive map view interface that shows you all the connected devices and their current status, and also shows where they are located in your home.

You can streamline the smart home management very efficiently just by single voice connectivity and control over the multiple devices at a particular instant of time. Does not matters whether your screen is on or in off condition. Samsung voice assistant Bixby seemingly makes it possible.