samsung Monitor M8

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 sales exceed one million unit

Last month, Samsung introduced the new “Smart Monitor M8″ with a slim design and improved features for the home office. This smart monitor follows in the footsteps of the existing M5 (type 32/27/24 FHD) and M7 (type 43/32 UHD) series. It is as if the Smart Monitor M8 is now available in various online and offline stores around the world.

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Samsung today, April 19, 2022, announced that the accumulated sales of its Smart Monitor series surpassed one million devices worldwide, making it a million-seller.

Previously, Samsung launched Smart Monitor in South Korea, the UK, Canada, Mexico and other countries. The secret behind the M8’s popularity lies in its stylish design and new features that make your life smarter and easier.

samsung Monitor M8

Samsung Smart Monitor is an ‘all-in-one screen’ that is used for work and study, allowing you to enjoy various OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Apple TV from a dedicated PC or TV. Such Awesome connectivity features are on top of the line and gaining popularity.

Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is packed with various convenient functions for more efficient work. This product offers a ‘Slimfit cam’, a camera that can be easily attached and detached using a magnet, and has the advantage of being able to fit neatly on the back without a special wire connection.

Additionally, video solution apps like ‘Google Duo‘ are standardly installed, making it convenient for users to work from home or conduct remote meetings at home or in the office using a slim fit cam.

Furthermore, the Smart Monitor M8 offers convenient functions such as ‘Face Tracking’, which automatically adjusts the center of the screen even when a person is running during a video call, and ‘Auto Zoom’ which automatically adjusts the number of faces.

Additionally, UHD resolution and HDR10 + support, sRGB 99% color gamut support, 2.2CH stereo speakers, adaptive sound +, optimizes the ambient environment, optimizes the sound effects, delivers a high-level viewing experience, and provides sound.

The Smart Monitor M8 is recognized for its various display technologies and has been honored with the ‘CES 2022 Innovation Awards’ by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), and this fantabulous monitor to break more selling records very soon