Samsung knox Guard

Samsung presents Knox Guard for business, an another layer of device security

Samsung introduced the Samsung Knox Guard in the enterprise segment. This is a new risk management master solution driven by enterprise IT departments, telecom service providers, device finance, insurers, and others.

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The Knox Guard helps all the above facilities to place a temporary lock on the enrolled device remotely. It has the ability to make a phone unusable quickly and has the potential to deter theft by reducing the risk of fraud. Knox Guard is backed by Samsung‘s own hardware-level Knox security platform. It offers additional protection through the product lifestyle.

In addition, it provides businesses with easy-to-use solutions for risk management. Protects corporate-owned resources in the event of loss or theft.

Today, when such unexpected situations occur, corporate IT teams, carrier service providers, and insurers use NoGuard to remotely place temporary locks on their devices. This is not surprising. Indirectly, it provides additional protection against unauthorized users against functional threats and data breaches.

Samsung knox Guard

Enterprise locks on devices really destabilize fraud and prevent devices from being reused or resold illegally. Now you don’t have to worry about your data being more secure and inaccessible to third parties.