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Samsung Pay will be integrated with Samsung Pass

According to recent information, Samsung Electronics is going to merge the Samsung Pass services into Samsung Pay from 9th of June 2022 and is sequentially updating the software for the same which seems to be futuristically realistic.

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Samsung Electronics has taken a very nice move as it will include more functions and also enhances the user convenience. Samsung said that all the supported products that run on Android 9 Pie or higher will be eligible to enjoy using this new Samsung Pay app.

This newly merged application is going to create a new revolution and is going to provide very-very tough competition to the E-wallets and payment facilities that are presently available in the market and all around the globe.

Notably, Samsung Pay will not only provide digital payment facilities, but it will also facilitate you to have a digital car key. So, now there is no need to worry about if you kept and forgot your car keys somewhere. Because an updated Samsung Pay has brought the support for them. The same is the case with your home keys as well.

This Samsung Pay digital key will not only lock or unlock your car doors but you will be facilitated to start the car engine too. If your door is linked with the SmartThings app, you can conveniently enter and exit the house and enter into your car with Samsung Pay.

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Further, Samsung is planning to provide ticket booking services through Samsung Pay . This will not be restricted to a single facility, but with it, you would be able to book Plane tickets, Taxi services, Train tickets, Airport lounge facility, and more.

However, Samsung Pay facility will be continuously monitored through Samsung Knox. So, what are you waiting for immediately update your Samsung Pay app and start enjoying the Samsung’s tech pack futuristic facility! that will first launch on the home ground and gradually to all the other countries?