Samsung Pay vs Google Pay: Which one is more reliable

In the developing world, the money in hand goes rare and people are diverted toward online payment, and that become more usual now. That superior and more secure alongside it provides you with all your transition history. To perform this activity Google and Samsung offer their own payment application.

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So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and you confuse between the Samsung Pay and Google Pay application, there is no need to worry. In this article, we compared both the applications to see if they are safer and more reliable to use.

 Samsung Pay Application

The Samsung Pay app comes pre-installed on all Galaxy smartphones and watches. Samsung Galaxy phones have built-in magnetic strip technology that makes the payment terminal on the phone mistake it for a credit card.

Samsung Pay only works with Samsung devices if you are not a Galaxy user then you can not get it to taste. Alongwith that the Samsung pay only works with NFC like other payment apps.

Google Pay Application:

What Google Pay does is exactly the same as Samsung Pay adds credit, debit, transit, and loyalty cards to the app and then saves them. When you want to pay, simply unlock your phone and select the account you want to pay for.

The most reliable thing about Google Pay is that it is compatible with all Android devices, including Samsung. Google Pay is more than a payment application that offers peer-to-peer (P2P) payments, cashback, and more. Google is updating the Pay app with lots of new features and changes for the user’s convenience.