Samsung Internet 17.0 version now live for consumers [Download now]

Today on May 04, 2022, Samsung Internet 17.0 version has officially launched for the consumers. This new upgrade for Samsung Internet Browser comes with user-centric privacy and security features.

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Samsung Internet 17.0 introduces Smart anti-tracking and HTTPS priority access set as defaults along with new ways of web authentication. In addition, the overall user experience has been enhanced, thanks to the drag and drop tabs function as well as additional language options for translation.

Privacy by Default

Samsung Internet 17.0 brings enhancements for the AI-powered Smart anti-tracking function that is now turned on by default. This significant change will help to block third parties attempting to track users’ personal information and users can also default to a safer HTTPS setting when typing a URL on the new Samsung Internet 17.0.


Fast and Easy Access to Privacy Activities

With a comprehensive overview, Samsung Internet 17.0 ensures how it protects their web experience. Also, a visual snapshot of a user’s privacy dashboard is available via the Quick Access page, offering a detailed record of weekly activities and settings that can be adjusted.

It’s noteworthy that the Samsung Internet 17.0 also provides a way to use external security or on-device security keys as an alternative for SMS or App-based two-factor authentication. You can know more about the new feature and changes in the graphics mentioned below.

Smoother, more powerful user experience

Last but not the least, Samsung Internet 17.0 update embeds several enhancements to its overall user experience, including the ability to drag and drop tabs into custom tab groups. This makes navigation and organization smoother and faster.

Aside from this, it brings improved search experiences across bookmarks, history, and saved pages. Moreover, it recognizes common user typos and can process word-based matching queries to find phrases or sentences from a database based on bookmarks and saved pages.

Phonetic matching also enables searching for specific terms based on how they sound, and translation capabilities have been bolstered with the addition of five languages, bringing the total to 26. Samsung Internet 17.0 is rolling out through Galaxy Store gradually, however, you can download it now through the link mentioned below.

Download Samsung Internet 17.0