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Samsung could face legal action for not including charger with phone

In present scenerio the technology has so much developed that now smartphones has the ability to charge wirelessly, due to which Samsung has stopped providing chargers with its flagship smartphones. Meanwhile, customers don’t like this and are taking legal action against the company.

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According to the report by the Ministry of Justice in Brazil, more than 900 Procon groups have teamed up to take legal action against Samsung and Apple for not providing charging adapters with new smartphones.

Users asking for an in-box charging adapter considering how high the smartphones cost. And, if the companies do not agree to settle the matter outside court, these Brazilian customers could file a formal lawsuit against them.

If the report is filed, Samsung and Apple will have to pay BRL26 million ($5.13). However, it is not clear whether these costs are combined or if the two will have to pay BRL 26 million separately.

Notably, the new report further claims that Apple already paid a fine of BRL 10.5 million ($2.07) to the Procon of Sao Paulo. Whereas, the Korean tech giant was also fined in Fortaleza.

Apple decided not to send in-box chargers with iPhone 12 series in 2020 and cited environmental reasons for its decision. Samsung on the other hand took this opportunity and copied it.

It is worth mentioning that not only the flagship but Samsung is also not sending the chargers with mid-range phones, the recently launched Galaxy A53 is an example.