Galaxy S22

Expert Raw vs Samsung Camera: Which one is more fascinating

The Expert Raw app is currently available in three exclusive smartphone series namely Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S22, and the third one is recently listed to get its taste the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Now most users are thinking that all the three models are equipped with incompatible camera specs than ever, so how the Expert Raw is useful for them?

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Despite being with the circumstance, users do prefer to use one over another, starting with the default camera in your smartphone offers various modes like portrait mode, Pro video, single take, super slow-mo, hyper-lapse, and more. Additionally, the selfied mode camera brings you to the next level of photos.

Whereas the Expert Raw application has some loopholes like it doesn’t bear the selfie mode, no night mode, normal mode with scene optimizer, creates better pictures than dedicated night mode, no option of panorama shots, and no video shot option in Expert Raw camera.

More likely, the Expert Raw app offers vivid pictures, and a wider dynamic range, it turns your picture light even in the dark area, and the Raw photos can be edited further and more.

Meanwhile, if you need great Samsung camera features for scanning documents, selfies, night mode, and more, use the native camera app. The Expert Raw camera provides photos with much more detail and better colors. You can also speed up the capture of fast-moving objects in Expert Raw.

Galaxy S22

However, while the Samsung native camera has a separate Pro mode option, the Expert Raw camera is an automatic pro mode that you can manually go for. Well, Pro mode only captures one frame in True Raw. However, Expert Raw actually uses multi-frame freeze to increase dynamic range and reduce noise.

Well, all of us have our different opinions, just feel free to share your experience with Expert Raw and Samsung camera which you prefer the more suitable for you.