Is Samsung’s hasty June 2022 patch rollout going to affect Galaxy phones?

Undoughtly, Samsung is always leading to release the monthly security update for the Galaxy devices, which comes with multiple optimizations to stabilize the device performance. But have you noticed any issues or bugs after grabbing the updates?

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Not saying this, many consumers complained about latency, lagging, battery draining, heating issues, charging issues, camera issues, network issues, and many more with May 2022 security update and One UI 4.1.

Security updates are essential for Galaxy device smartphones and it’s very appreciating that Samsung always lading to release it, but is this the point of coming first in update rollout?

In my opinion, no. The update is not intended to increase tension on the device, but rather to fix the problem. Samsung should take time, and release depending on the version of the smartphone, but without a problem and not too bulky.

Many users are struggling with a number of different issues with their Galaxy smartphones and those issues will be further addressed with future updates, but the update introduces one new issue.

Are you also having some issues after the latest security update on your Galaxy phone, do share your experience and opinion with us about the haste of the Security update rollout.