Samsung One UI 5.0 Redesigned notification icons

Android 13-based One UI 5 will come with lots of new features, improvements, customization options, and much more and one of them is Redesigned notification icons.

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Redesigned notification icons feature was actually introduced with Android 13 Developer Preview 2. And according to this, Android smartphones will have smaller icons for silent notifications.

Samsung users have had the ability to silence notifications from the notification panel for years. Instead of going into the app settings and changing the notification setting, you can directly tap and hold the notification and select the ‘Silent’ option. The notification will still appear but it will not sound as the normal notifications do.

At a time, you see the same size of Default and your Silent notifications on the lock screen, but in the new generation, it is getting a different and praiseworthy look. The default notifications appear in the same size while the silent notifications are narrower.

These small-sized notifications form will only show the app icon and take up enough space to place pill-shaped background icons. This might seem a small change now, but it will definitely help users identify useful and useless notifications.