How to use One UI 4.1-based Split Screen View on your Galaxy phones

Samsung announced the One UI 4.1 with several new features one of them is the Split screen view which is the most trending topic on the web these days. It would be better if this split-screen facilitates viewing not only two but three to four applications on the screen at an instant in a single time.

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How to launch the Split screen view?

  • First, tap on the recent button to open the list of recently used apps
  • Then swipe left or right, tap on the app’s icon, and then tap Open in the split-screen view
  • On the app list, you can select another app to launch.

How to launch the apps from the edge panel?

  • While you are on the current working application, drag the edge panel handle towards the center of the screen.
  • Tap and hold an app, drag it to the left, and then drop it where Drop here to open appears. By doing this your selected app will launch in a split-screen view.

You are eligible to launch an application in the split-screen view just by tapping it once. Tap on the three horizontal dots and then tap on the option Open in split-screen. If you click on show recent apps, switch to activate them, and now you are ready to launch recently used apps in the split-screen view from the Edge panel.

How to add app pairs?

Add frequently used apps to the Edge panel to launch them together, in a split-screen view with a single tap. This seems to be an extraordinary work just for nothing.

  • In the split-screen view, tap the circles between the app windows.
  • Tap on Plus Sign, and the apps that you are using in the split-screen view will be saved on the Edge panel as an app pair.

However, to adjust the window size you can drag the circles between the app window. When you drag the circle between the window to the app screen the window will be maximized. The same is the case with the pop-up view.