Samsung One UI 4.1 based Multi window what to expect next?

One UI 5 can arrive any time but still, we see the same multi-window function that has been introduced at the time of One UI 1.5, and since then Samsung has just done a few customizations to its multiwindow functionality and interface.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 multi-window lets you run two applications at the same time in the split-screen view and at the same time, you can run the multiple apps in a pop-up view.

However, we can expect that the upcoming One UI 5 multi-window to have some more plus features which could offer the smartphone user some more increased functionality.

Expectations from the upcoming multi-window?

Samsung fans get totally bored by seeing the same interface for a year, though the split-screen and pop-up are very useful features, users have lots of expectations from them. Let us discuss some of them.

Samsung users are complaining that all the applications do not support the split-screen or pop-up view. So I think the company should work on increasing app support.

We need to choose the application for the split-screen or pop-up view, it would be even better if the multiwindow user interface facilitates the opening of all the recent windows in split or popup mode.

The split-screen mode should be scalable, which could facilitate the user to scroll, drag, and extend the split-screen view as needed by the smartphone user. At present UI function is not fully scalable.

It would be a lot better if we can keep the recent unused app at the top or side of the screen and can close or open them with one touch or swipe. Samsung needs to work more on multi-window touch gestures, at times the repetitive actions irritate a lot and really feel annoying. Let us see whether the future One UI 5 could fulfill the user expectations or not.