Have a look at these beautiful Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra concept

The Galaxy S22 Ultra was introduced earlier this year and Samsung is now working on next-generation folding devices before their introduction in August. Samsung is likely to release the Galaxy S23 Ultra early next year, while a very early concept appeared online almost 10 days ago.

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra concept created by the maker TechnizoConcept concept shows the possible design of the flagship model of the upcoming Samsung S series, that there is no confirmed information about the installation of a 200 MP camera, we can find it in the concept video.

At the front, we can see a screen like the Galaxy S22 Ultra with curved edges. On the other hand, the Galaxy S23 Ultra comes with a brand new camera lens layout that looks quieter than the improved Galaxy S22 Ultra.


As you can see in the video below, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may have a rearranged camera system with a 2 + 2 hp factor. While the primary and wide-angle camera sensors are mounted vertically, the other two Telephoto lenses of the device are parallel to each other, while one lens is mounted next to the LED flash.

Although we are months away from the expected release of the Galaxy S23 series, even more, is expected in the near future. Therefore, we suggest that you take a pinch of this information as the rumors will gradually continue to emerge.