Exploring One UI 4.1-based Home screen, Here are the 5 best tweaks

Samsung provides you with a clear, clean and comfortable Home Screen that allows you to customize and style your Home Screen by changing the screen layout or by adding widgets, folders, and other additional Home screens. It will make your device more organized and easier to navigate.

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Here you will find 5 useful Home screen tweaks that you can try on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Without wasting our time, let’s start.

One UI 4.1-based Colour Palette (Dynamic Theming)

Samsung has welcomed Material You Dynamic Theming to Android 12 with One UI 4 update. You can choose a colour palette based on your wallpaper and get the same look on your home screen and operating system.

  • Swipe down to display Notification Center. Tap the Settings gear at the top of the screen.
  • Select Wallpaper and Style and press Color Paint.
  • Select a color palette and watch the live preview.

This feature also uses the palette in the app icon with the options at the bottom of the color palette. When done, click the Done button and enjoy the new look on your Samsung home screen.

Gesture Navigation

Similar to every Samsung smartphone, your Galaxy S22, Samsung has opted to keep the option to enable Navigation Buttons. Making it easier for some people to navigate through their brand new smartphones. Samsung actually has this enabled by default.

But if you decided you wanted to try the Gestures and forgot how to re-enable the buttons, well that’s what we’re going to show you how to do.

  • Open your phone Settings apps and select to Display option.
  • Scroll down to the Navigation Bar and tap on it.
  • Choose between Gestures and Navigation buttons. Click on the Button.

Order App Drawer Alphabetical

By default, Samsung’s app Drawer is organized no matter what you want: new apps appear at the end, and you can freely rearrange apps however you like. If you want your app drawer to make sense without having to manually select it, open it, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and then Sort >> Alphabetical order.
Select Google Discover for Samsung Free Panel when swiping to the right

Select Google Discover or turn off conversion to remove the media page entirely.

Earlier, when you swipe up on the home screen, you would see a Samsung Free panel. Frankly, Samsung Free was another bad alternative to Google Discover, and it looks like Samsung has finally agreed to the Galaxy S22 – Swipe right on one of the latest destinations and you’ll see Google Discover. If you’re a fan of Samsung Free or just you want to see your options, you can switch to both. Here’s how to switch between Google Discover and Samsung Free.

  • Long click on the home screen of the Samsung phone and swipe right on the media page.
  • Select Google Discover or turn off conversion to remove the media page entirely.

Smart Widgets

Widgets are an essential part of customizing the home screen for all smartphones. Users can view this as a “just look” of much-needed data and app functionality that the user can access directly from the home screen.

Samsung One UI 4.1 comes with some significant improvements that meet user expectations. Additionally, with the new Smart Widgets, users can store up to 7 Smart Widgets, including third-party apps, which they can view by swiping left or right.

Smart Rotation provides simple and useful information by automatically analyzing user situations and behaviors, as well as displaying highly related Streak widgets.

To access and customize your own One UI 4.1 Smart Widgets:

  • Press and hold the home screen to pull up your home screen editor.
  • Select Widgets> Smart Widgets, and then select the widget style you want.
  • Depending on the genre, you may have access to more features.