Samsung partnered with Aramark to execute sustainable development goals

Samsung has enhanced its partnership with others and prioritized many sustainable changes through credible, knowledgeable, innovative brands, environmental organizations, and industry groups. It is not alone but working in coordination with others to make the change.

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Samsung venerable partner that provides great hospitality and services to tackle environmental challenges with paralleled cooperation. Taking new steps every day and helping to reduce my and your GHG fingerprint.

Creating a value chain is very important, and Samsung is putting their scale of global presence and pioneering the spirit to work together. Samsung partners are sharing their views to help the world to achieve sustainable development goals.

We all know environmental measures are at the heart of Samsung. It always tries to focus on and lessen the impact of humans and their activities on nature and the ecosystem. Currently putting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


We unknowingly impact nature, because it matters what things we use, what we eat, and what we drive? target tells these companies to set up science-based core pillars and work towards the goal.

Samsung is sourcing the responsibility to its partners to increase operating efficiency, reduce packaging and packaging material also increase its efforts to reduce food wastage. Aramark is one of the sustainable partners that helps Samsung to increase plantations and adopt the no-deforestation policy.

Do you know? Samsung’s energy consumption has reduced to 9.5% and has recently a couple of days ago have been awarded two Energy Star Awards 2022 for best energy management. Working more to increase the operational energy efficiency and reduce the use of non-renewable sources of energy.