How to get updated with Samsung One UI 4.1-based Notification Panel

With the help of an upgraded One UI 4.1 Notification Panel, you can stay more updated than earlier. The recent tab lets you obtain each and every particular information from the various applications just by sliding down from top to bottom of the screen.

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The notification panel lets you get the brief as well as detailed notification. When you go to the notification settings, which can be seen clearly below the notification popup screen. Jump on it, the new setting page will appear on your screen.

Proceed to select the brief notification tile or the detailed notification tile. By selecting the ‘Brief notification’ tile you can view your application-related messages via a popup on your top sliding screen in brief, which can also be shown on top of the lock screen as well.

Now you have to enable notification on the lock screen via the option available in settings. The same is the case with ‘Detailed notification’ settings, just tick a dot available at the side of the brief notification. This will show a detailed view of your incoming message on the ‘Recent Page’ at the particular application.

One of the most fantastic things is that you can choose and have the particular app of your choice at the recent. My vital suggestion to you is not to select all the applications for notification, only select the important ones. Otherwise, your notification tile will be fully flooded with all the incoming messages arriving for the specific app.

This will make you feel irritated. You will be getting confuseed and have a cluttered and messy feeling in your notification panel, and if your app selection is improper, remember this will frustrates you a lot. So please prioritize your notifying applications smartly, in an intelligent way.

Coming back to the settings. There is one more advanced feature, which is ‘Do not Disturb‘ the mode and setting facilitate the user to set the time period for the arrival of the notification. Here you can set your sleeping time and add exceptions. This means, you can allow some of the particular applications to show the notification, even when you are sleeping or having rest in particular hours of the day, following your daily routine.

Last but not the least, you have the option to set the notification sound. One more advanced setting is the snooze button which helps you a lot. It allows you to snooze the app notification for a time being. There is no need for unnecessary effort, you just need to ‘Snooze Out’ slider below the message, which has arrived at your smartphone’s notification palate you are watching presently.