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Here’s how Samsung Expert RAW app created, explained by developers

When it comes to professional precision and everyday events, the Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s most powerful device with which you can take great shots every time. This smartphone is thanks to the exclusive Samsung Expert RAW application.

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This application is compatible with Galaxy S22 Series and Galaxy S21 Ultra. Expert Raw is a comprehensive suite of in-camera editing tools that turn your pocket camera into a DSLR-like experience.

expert raw

Like many of Samsung’s new developments, RAW Expert is a collaboration – inspired by recommendations from Samsung experts and Galaxy users. To learn more about RAW experts, contact Samsung Research experts who attended the Samsung Newsroom.

Read what Hamid Shaikh, head of intelligence at Samsung Research America’s (SRA) Mobile Processor Innovation (MPI) lab, and Girish Kulkarni, head of the Samsung R&D Institute India-Bangalore (SRI-B) camera team, are up to. by integrating new cameras.

What does the Expert Raw app do? What are the main benefits to consumers?

Samsung Expert RAW app really gives customers the ability to have complete control over their mobile photography experience like a professional photographer. The app captures more comprehensive data for each image, which is used by professional photographers to enhance photos and enhance them artistically with editing software such as the go-to app Adobe Lightroom.

To enhance the overall camera experience, Samsung teamed up with Adobe to integrate Expert RAW with Lightroom. The result is that photographers have complete control over their creative experience. Inexperienced photographers can also use automatic set points for camera controls, and then use Samsung-specific default values ​​in the lightroom. In both cases, the tight integration of the two apps provides a pleasant experience.

What makes Expert RAW such an important release for mobile photography in general?

The camera experience is one of the most important experiences that a user gets with their smartphone. Samsung is at the forefront of camera quality and is always eager to bridge the gap between consumers and professional/unprofessional photographers.

What role did the MPI lab play in the development of Expert Raw?

Whenever Samsung creates a new customer experience, the company must consider and overcome many critical engineering challenges. MPI Lab developed the core idea behind Expert RAW and its technologies and they know this is a sustainable challenge.

Well, you can find out more about the Samsung Expert Raw app on the official Samsung Newsroom

Collaborating for Creativity 

The features like Expert Raw underscore Samsung’s commitment to developing tools that allow users to unleash their creativity. Going forward, the company will continue to strengthen its cooperation affecting the knowledge and capabilities of its world-class R&D hub network. Doing so helps unlock the technologies that change the way we live, work and create.