Samsung Electronics experimenting with 200MP ISOCELL Image Sensor

According to recent information, Samsung Electronics Engineers are experimenting with the 200MP ISOCELL Image Sensor. It has taken a challenge to print an image on a 616 square meter canvas that is clicked from this latest sensor.

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In the challenge, the photo of a cat came out to be 280 meters wide, and 22 meters high photograph. About one and a half times the size of a basketball court.

Further, Samsung desires to test the true limits of the high-performance 200MP image sensor. It is doing something next to the impossible thing, I am wondering what the image will look like.

Samsung took this image from the image sensor that is still under development for a camera module, that is not fully complete at the moment. We can say it is not fully optimized to fit as a module in a Samsung smartphone.

Why did they have chosen the cat? it might be a difficult decision for them. It may be a popular photography subject, as many people prefer cats as their pet animals to be kept in their house.

The team has worked on certain variables before clicking the image and prepared themselves for the unstable environment. It was not at all easy for them to build a custom adapter that could be attached to the DSLR camera lens to a test board. That is why they have chosen the smartphone camera module to fix this problem, with no other aids.