Watch Hulu on your Samsung TV in some easy steps, here’s how!

With the increase of time, the technologies are also upgraded, in the era of the internet is mandatory for you to participate or change yourself with time, likewise, the TV s scale broadcasting is turning to the wireless network and people love to watch there favorite TV shows and movie on the great steaming service Hulu.

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The well-known Hulu network broadcast your favorite TV shows and movies, along with the Live TV streaming as per your subscriptions. With so many Samsung Smart TVs nowadays, it’s important to know how to access the Hulu app from your TV. If your TV is not supporting the Hulu then there are other ways to stream from the big screen.

Below you can check the step on how to watch Hulu on Samsung smart TV in just some easy steps.

Check once the Hulu icon is displayed on your TV is yes then your Samsung smart TV supports the Hulu app, and if you don’t get the Hulu icon then don’t worry you can still use the step to steam Hulu on your TV screen.


  •  Connect Samsung Smart TV to WiFi network.
  • Then you get the remote control for your Samsung smart TV.
  • You need to press the home button on the TV remote control.
  • When Smart Hub is invoked, select the Apps section.
  • Then select the search bar and type Hulu.
  • The Hulu app will appear in the search results.
  • Select the app and click the on-screen install button.
  • The Hulu app will now be downloaded and installed on your SamsungSmartTV.
  • Just launch the app and log in to start streaming the app on your SamsungSmartTV.

Download the Hulu app on Samsung older smart TV (2013 and above)

  • Connect your Samsung TV to your WiFi network.
  • press the Internet @ button on the TV remote.
  • This will bring up a menu on your screen.
  • Just select the content display option.
  • Now you need to select the internet TV option.
  • This will show you all the apps available on your particular Samsung Smart TV.
  • Just select Search and type Hulu.
  • When the app appears, select it, and finally select Download.
  • As soon as the app is downloaded to your TV, you can log in and stream your content.