Try out these advanced Samsung Gallery features that One UI 4.1 offers

The latest Galaxy S22 series smartphones are exclusively pre-loaded with the latest One UI 4.1 software, which offers additional enhancements over the One UI 4.0.  The One UI 4.1 also comes with updates to your favorite features and an enhanced UI experience.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 with the most outstanding qualities, every feature of the upgrade is designed with your user experience in mind, including UI upgrades, a new Smart Widget feature, and updates to the Gallery and Photo Editor to enhance your productivity.

One UI 4.1 Enhanced Samsung Gallery Features

With the upgrade to One UI 4.1, Samsung Gallery is fully boosted and has tons of new features for you to appreciate. You can take professional-quality portraits with additional remastered and AI-based tools added to improve your photos.


1. Change the Portrait Effect

Apply portrait effects to images not captured in portrait mode. The gallery now recognizes portraits and provides background effect adjustment options.

2. Portrait Relighting

Users can also achieve a studio effect with the option of adding additional lighting from any direction using the newly added relaying circle. Users can also adjust the intensity of the extra brightness with the intensity bar.

3. Create a 24-hour time lapse

Samsung Gallery automatically detects images of the sky or sunset and can create 24-hour time-lapse videos.

4. Director’s view

In One UI 4.1, the Camera app also offers a split save option of two videos for the Director’s view, which can be played simultaneously with different view types and integrated to provide a new perspective.


5. Enhanced Photo Remaster

Using the Enhanced Photo Remaster feature, you can improve the photo quality by removing reflections, shadows, and more. Remastered photos will replace the original image and display the “Remastered” tag.

  • Old Faded Photo Enhancer: Improve the sound or blur color of old faded photos.
  • D-Moire: Remove the grid pattern that occurs when capturing an image from a TV or monitor.

ONE ui 4.1 portait effect

6. Newly added Shadow Eraser and Reflection Eraser

Easily remove automatically detected shadows or reflections by pressing the button.

  • To use Object Eraser

From the Gallery, navigate to Edit, and then tap the More option (three vertical dots) and you will get the Object Eraser.

7. Diversified Suggestions

Advanced Intelligent Assistant recommends tips to optimize your photos and help you create new content by creating videos highlighting special moments in your videos.

8. Enhanced Cleanout

An Enhanced Clean-out feature helps you manage your photos and videos. Instructions are provided for deleting large video clips from motion photos or duplicate photos, which can free up storage space.