samsung galaxy s21 one ui 5.0 beta south korea

These Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera tips will enhance your photography experience

Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone gives you a perfect shot, special zoom, and ultimate sharp image. The smartphone bears the highest resolution to make your footage a level up, so if your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone owner then we have some camera tips for you.

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Having a smartphone is generally used for basic and ordinary work, but these are some special camera features in your Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone that might be unaware of. You can try them out to enhance your photography experience.

Maximum features come to turn on build-in but some of them have active on your phone to access them. Below you can check some amazing Camera tips for Samsung Galaxy S21 camera.

Galaxy S21 FE

Scan QR code:

  • Open the Samsung Galaxy S21 Camera
  • Tap on the Cog icon
  • Samsung S21 camera setting will be open
  • Make sure Scan QR codes are toggled on blue

Scene Optimizer 

The Scene Optimizer feature will help you to optimize scenes for better shots by focusing, blurring, and adjusting the object automatically to access this in your phone

  • Just open Camera settings on your phone
  • Click on the Settings gear icon
  • Toggle the Scene Optimizer

Tracking Auto-Focus

  • This feature will stay tracking the selection object even if the object is in motion

Single Take Feature

  • The single Take feature will capture a bunch of images and videos in a single click, this feature will take random images more likely