One UI 4.1 Samsung Health App

Samsung Health is a company’s own built application that helps you to manage your fitness and wellness. So let’s set your goals with the app and check your progress and keep a record of all your fitness activities. The application has recently got updated with One UI 4.1, May 1, 2022, security patch level update.

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With the Samsung Health users are fully eligible to track the step count and compare them with other users and can also additionally view the tips regarding your health, which would be completely based on your activity.

How to use the Samsung Health app?

  • To login into the Samsung Health app, you need to login into your Samsung account
  • The app front screen page will appear on your screen
  • Go to My Page, here you can do all the necessary changes to your profile if you want, you can watch your weekly summary, personal best record, badges, and more
  • After initiating the activity you are ready to begin

You have the facility to track your heartbeat by pairing the app with your Samsung wearables such as Samsung Smartwatch and more.

A user can choose the various exercises to perform, such as Walking, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Treadmill, Weight workouts, and many other health exercises.

As an app user, you can record your footstep for the day, and keep track of your calorie intake. It also records your sleeping pattern, with the help of paired wearable. Users can have suggestions for their body compositions too.

Application Interface

The application enables you to manage items to be shown on the front page, and this can be done by taping on three vertical dots that indicate Manage items. The app screen setup is called Home cards.

  • Home icon manages your health and fitness
  • Together icon lets you compare records
  • A fitness icon is used to view health tips
  • Manage icon helps to view your health and fitness history
  • The settings option lets you do a general setup, such as changing units of measurement, managing notifications, connecting wearable accessories, advance privacy changes, and more.

Some of the applications and features may not work on your interface, so do not get dishearted. Use the app sense fully, if you use the step card while traveling by car or train it will not work and show inappropriate results. Start using the application and see the changes in yourself.