Download latest Samsung Good Guardians App [Link]

Samsung has an application called Samsung Good Guardian App which was earlier named Galaxy Labs suite this application is similar to the Good Lock 2022. Samsung has recently released a new update for better performance of the application.

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According to recent information, the Samsung Good Guardians app comes with version number 3.0 and brings fixes for many bugs further it will address issues like excessive battery drain, storage, system crash, lag issue while gaming, etc. on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Moreover, The latest update brings two new modules like Thermal Guardian, and Memory Guardian and also brought a crucial upgrade to App Booster; which optimized the Google Play Services for better performance.

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What’s New

These utilities are ready for you:

1. File Guardian keeps your deleted files for the selected time. You can be free from mistakes.

2. Battery Tracker lets you know the usage of applications within a day or week in your selected time. From now on, tracking the most battery consuming element is easier than ever!

3. Battery Guardian detects bad app’s behavior and does not allow them running on your device. We are going to add more protections for your battery health.

4. Galaxy App Booster transfers executable files of each app to boost them up.

5. Thermal Guardian offers a way to track and manage device’s temperature
It provides solutions to detect source of heating like excessive battery, CPU usages and more than that, adjusts thermal threshold level to adjust performance and adapt to your personal uses.

6. Memory Guardian offers a way to track device performance based on memory usage, and provide function to clean up memory
Optimize memory will help to increase device performance.

7. Media File Guardian offers a way to delete hidden files for edited version.
It provides a solution to clean media files that have stopped working.

*Good Guardians is supporting from OneUI 1.5
It may take some time for newly launched models to be supported.

Samsung Good Guardian new modules:

Thermal Guardian

This module will make your device cool as this comes with some features to make it happen. It helps you to adjust the threshold of your device performance. It comes with a thermal threshold slider, which lets you adjust when the phone starters to throttle performance. If you move the slider to the far left, the phone will inform, 2 degrees before it usually does. Moving the slider to the right will raise that threshold by 2 degrees.

It will tell you the real-time temperature of your Samsung Galaxy device. It will help you check your device’s temperature at any given time. Thermal Guardian also helps you find the cause of high-temperature usage.

Memory Guardian

Memory guardian is a brand-new module that allows you to see what tasks are currently demanding your phone’s RAM. It also helps to clear application out of the memory.

The module includes an analysis of how your phone’s RAM is divided up by the system, which apps are running, and cached processes. From there, you can see a chart of historic usage and also clear applications out of memory.