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Samsung will introduce manufacturer-certified recycled materials program for smartphone repair

Samsung is expanding the use of recycled parts to repair smartphones. Now, while refining some models, the company plans to increase the use of limited recycled parts to maintain environmental friendliness and reduce consumer burdens.

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Upgrading expensive parts such as displays and motherboards is expected to halve consumer costs if recycled parts are used. According to industry sources, Samsung plans to launch a “Manufacturer-Certified Recycled Materials Program” earlier this year in the process of repairing mobile devices such as smartphones.

This is a way that allows customers to select updated parts when repairing a product at the service center. Repair of products using such recycled parts is already possible on some models.

galaxy Note 9

For example, in the case of the “Galaxy S22 Ultra,” repairing a motherboard based on the return of an old part cost 465,000 won for a new part, and a refurbished part cost about 233,000 won. The price of the “Galaxy S20” will drop from 231,000 lines to 1,444,000 lines if recycled parts are used to repair the display.

Samsung announced its “Galaxy for the Earth” project last August and increased the use of recycled materials. The “Galaxy S22” was released in February and the new “Galaxy Book 2 Pro” series released in April uses recycled plastic from fishnets in detail.

In addition, Samsung Electronics plans to launch a standalone repair program in the U.S. starting in the second half of this year that will allow customers to repair products directly with the components purchased.