Samsung to deliver fully-virtualized and O-RAN compliant 5G solutions in the US

According to company officials, Samsung has recently extended its existence in the US telecommunications market by winning a second order for 5G communications equipment worth 1 trillion won ($790 million).

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Samsung stated that it has to be the fourth-largest US Dish Network, a mobile communications service provider, and was selected as the 5G communications equipment supplier. The company plans to supply a variety of communications equipment, including 5G virtualized base stations, to Dish Network’s nationwide network.

Samsung Electronics now has an opportunity as it has been selected as the 5G communications equipment supplier for Dish 5G Network to expand its share of the US market, which is the world’s largest market for telecommunications equipment.

Further, the 5G virtualization base station Samsung is supplying to Dish uses next-generation technology that enables the creation and operation of flexible and efficient communications networks by loading software onto a general-purpose server to implement base station functions.


Following the first successful commercialization of a virtual base station in the US in December 2020, Samsung has proven its superior performance and differentiated commercial capabilities in global markets such as the UK and Japan.

Samsung’s 5G virtualization base station won the CTO’s Choice and best mobile innovation technology award at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 grand prize in March.

The DISH is currently testing its 5G network using the Samsung Galaxy S22 and plans to continue to use the Samsung phone as a reference platform throughout the network deployment process.