Android 13 features
Android 13 features

Android 13 abandons sideloading of third-party apps to strengthen user’s privacy

Google has already started the first beta of Android 13 which will be the next OS developed by Google and it is obvious that it will come with more impressive features and improvements than the current one (Android 12). The biggest search engine has already released the developer’s preview and beta updates for Pixel devices.

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Recently, one beta update and two developer previews of Android 13 have been released that revealed new features. With Android 13 beta 1, Google confirmed that is again planning several new changes to enhance user experience.

As per the latest information, Google introduces new restrictions on third-party apps sideloading with Android 13, which prevent users from having access to accessibility services. The company aims to make privacy stronger by enhancing accessibility services.

However, Google isn’t completely blocking sideloaded apps from using accessibility services as there’s also an option of activating the access by which you can use third-party apps. You can activate the access through the “Allow restricted settings” menu entry option placed at the bottom of the app info screen in the top right corner.

It is very difficult to hack an unknown user’s phone but it is not impossible for inadequate persons. While installing an APK from outside an app store, many phishing and malware attacks are carried out by tricking users.

It is likely that Google may change its plan with the Android 13 stable release. To be mentioned, the company has only restricted the sideloaded apps means that you can use an alternative app distribution platform.

Android 13 bans Third party apps