Apple TV+ comes to Samsung Smart TVs globally

Samsung testing with Gaming Hub to make more people gamers

Samsung is dedicated to embracing gaming streams these days. Or you can say that Samsung is working hard to create more gamers with its new gaming platform. Samsung will be the first company to embrace cloud game streaming.

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‘Carli Velocci’ has revealed the ongoing and future preparations of the standalone gaming hub to be introduced by Samsung very soon. She says “the ecosystem has very much embraced game streaming” but “consumers are still reluctant to embrace it.”

Samsung NEO TV

Samsung’s purpose is to provide this gaming hub for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a hard-to-fit game console or expensive personal computer. But the Samsung Gaming Hub is doing more than it hasn’t done yet by making it easy to use on smart TVs.

Key points of discussion-

  • Samsung held a sponsored conversation at Game Builder Conference (GBC) on Thursday to explore the goals for the new gaming platform.
  • The providers, who will be coming with Samsung’s clever TVs, will hope to break the barriers for gaming in 2022 and next.
  • The gathered workforce has pointed out the people that are nevertheless hesitant to get into cloud gaming but at low cost and fewer efforts.
  • Samsung tries to figure out and overcome the difficulties and discoverability that lead the user to have a problem-free experience.

There are many differences and disconnects between the basic concepts of cloud gaming and TV gaming, but this makes it substantially more difficult for individuals who want to play on TV. But we know Samsung will make this easy.

Previously, Samsung worked with companies like Microsoft to do cloud streaming activities for support like Microsoft, but this was my first experience. We don’t know how the gaming market will react to this. But I would commend Samsung for its courage to act independently. As tech viewers, we see Samsung as a soldier in the battle for its own gaming hub.

Samsung Electronics is preparing to launch a gaming hub at the end of this year. Surely, there will be more related announcements in the future.