Samsung semiconductor martke

Samsung SDI profits may surprise market in the first quarter of 2022

Currently, Samsung SDI is busy innovating and upgrading its battery performance and has been recently in the news that it can procure foldable smartphone batteries with ATL (Ampherex Technology Limited). This is the first time that the company is going to feature new batteries from a Chinese manufacturer in its foldables. ATL battery is more likely to be used by LG Ensol and more.

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Today on April 28, 2022, Samsung SDI revealed its stacking quarterly earnings for its first quarter from January to March 2022 with the increased sales of 4 trillion won, which means 3.1 US dollars.

Further, Samsung SDI said despite the disruptions in the supply chain and raw material price hike we are selling more value-added products. Such as generation five high-performance batteries, whose generation has already started in the year 2021.

Samsung semiconductor martke

Now, it’s experimenting with the 6th generation batteries and applying the pouch stacking method to increase the energy density and enhance the productivity to waste ratio of the battery.

SDI is working on making stable energy storage systems, but the recent sales figures have come down due to somewhat seasonal factors. On the other hand, the households and UPS profitability helped to increase sales.

Samsung predicted that the electric vehicle battery sales to rise in the second quarter of 2022, and further told that they have started getting orders for their 6th generation batteries, whose production could be started somewhere in 2024.

The company is soon going to make the market debut for the solid-state batteries for electric vehicles, which are comparably more powerful than present batteries and can reduce the vehicle price to the large extent. They are soon going to start a pilot production line for the same.