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Samsung SDI to set up joint venture with automaker Stellantis soon

Samsung SDI will finalize the site for the production of the car battery with the car manufacturer Stellantis by April 2022. Both have yet to decide where the joint venture can take place.

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According to ‘TheElec‘, Samsung SDI recently concluded all discussions on subsidies with local governments in North America. Samsung SDI plans to supply its prismatic batteries. It will manufacture the Generation 5 batteries, which are already being built at its factory in Good, Hungary.

What does this mean? This means that it will likely use equipment supplied by Philenergy for the joint venture with Stellaris.

samsung sdi

What does generation 5 battery mean?

The Generation 5 batteries are made through stacking material such as the cathode, the separator, and the Anode instead of winding them as Samsung SDI has done with all previous four generations and innovating for the next.

Why does Samsung SDI need to do this?

The above process is done to increase the energy density of these batteries. By this, they are able to store more capacitive power. The joint venture with Stellantis represents that they are going to use these batteries for present and future Electric Vehicles, and this will provide a boost to the sale of these vehicles.

Samsung SDI is also in talks with Stellantis for manufacturing the cylindrical batteries. Nowadays, some new vehicle makers are also opting for cylindrical batteries looking at market demands. But the productivity of such batteries are need to be cemented, said the automaker.

LG is also in news to form a joint venture with Stellantis and said that it is going to make a heavy amount to increase the production capacity by 45GWh by 2026.